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June 27, 2005
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Marauders, minus Peter. by tea-garden Marauders, minus Peter. by tea-garden
Gawd, it's been so long since I last posted on DA... what's with all these new features... @__@;; I hope mikaii doen't mind I checked "critique welcome" ^^; since I'm not sure about her preference... Anyway~ dunno what else to say- I'll just post our comment on the oekaki board XDXDXD ~shin

mikaii: shin's first piccu submit..i begged/dragged (?) because i wanted to do collab with shin and see more of her wonderful kaki--

because we complement each other by me doing the outline, shin color, then we just do final touches all the time, i wanted shin to do the composition first. so this time, the art composition credit goes to the 'superly self-conscious' shin, outline by me, color... well, we kinda split it..but shin did the most-- i only added the highlights of the hair.

shin: mikaii, you liar XDXDXD~~ If someone's going to beg to collab, then it should be ME *g*;; Anyway~~ yeah... this time our collab worked out differently... and it's actually more difficult than usual ^^;; though I really enjoyed sketching/colouring it *g*

I have A LOT of trouble with their cloak.. since I, being the lazy arse that I am, usually just blocked it with black, now I had to colour it... but then... as you can see... I ended up blocking it with black anyway XD;;;;; *dies* Anyway~~ I can't believe how many days it took us to finish this! *g* (well... it's my fault for not going online for several days >_<;; damn exams.. *grumbles*) and I want to apologize to mikaii T_T;; gomen ne...
(Dang.. I just love her extra smooth lineart.. O_O;;; damnit, I wish I can do that >3<;; *sends envy beam* and the hair!! GAHH.. I don't know how she did that, seriously... *g*)

mikaii: to combat what shin said... *reflects envy beam right back*

i wish i could do skin tone like that... with all your 'strange' skin tones.. pink, purple.. and even GREEN!! i luv how they work together.. and doesn't look strange even for a bit!! if i did it.. it be soo ugly and weird... urk >___> and luv how you color folds too! *end of argument.. u.u*
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neutralnight Jan 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Dude they look so good... props! :D
He looks amazing...kyaaa
mh James looks so yummy

You are amazing.

You are amazing.♥
my panties, my pooor panties. FLOODED DX *anguish*
Veniae Dec 14, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Omg, this is stunning. I love the three of them, they are so. damn. hot~
usually i only reserve this for sirius but ALL OF THEM look extremely hot. and their hair and eyes is just sexy.
Remus looks like Yuki from Vampire knight (that's pretty funny cause he's a wolf)
James looks like Dark from DNAngel
and Sirius looks like a kid that goes to my school.

totally wicked!
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